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Excavation and Lamination




結果としては、社長室ブースを解体、タイルや不揃い造作棚を残し、床は中央部分を解体、周縁部を残しながら、仕上の木質シートは削った部分から状態のいいものを回収、再配置して継ぎ接ぎ状態を解消した。天井はすべて解体したが、かつての天井面にハッチングをかけるように照明を配置し、記号的に「いかし」を行った。 削ったものは新たに露出した表層をあらわしにし、活かすものに関しては一様にグレーで塗りつぶし、多種多様な表層の肌理や質感を保護している。2つのレイヤーが明確なルールを持たずに見え隠れしながら、全体を構成している。

Renovation projects that are underway without sufficient budget are somewhat like excavation work. We can't just leave it as it is, but we have to decide whether to scrape off the surface layer with its inexplicable charm or to protect it with some kind of treatment. I carefully sorted them out so as not to make a mistake between the two choices. Especially in a tenant office like the one in this case, where no specific users are expected, almost all the resources will be devoted to the two choices on the surface.

This office, a few minutes walk from Iidabashi station, had a surface layer of yellowed booths in the president's office, unplanned built-in shelves, partially applied decorative tiles, wood sheet flooring of different types pieced together, cracked glass windows, sooty asbestos-absorbent ceilings, and skirting boards of different heights. With a budget of about one million yen, it was not possible to go back to the skeleton and rebuild from scratch, so we proceeded with the design by determining the parts that needed to be "removed" and the parts that needed to be "used".

As a result, the president's office booth was dismantled, leaving behind tiles and mismatched shelves, the central part of the floor was dismantled, leaving the periphery intact, and the wood sheets used for finishing were recovered from the scraped areas and rearranged to eliminate the gaps. All the ceilings were dismantled, but the lighting was placed as if it were hatching on the former ceiling surface, symbolically "using" the ceiling. The two layers make up the whole, hiding and revealing each other without any clear rules.


Iidabashi, Tokyo


building area:

total floor area:

80 sqm






Jumpei Suzuki



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